Artwork & Fixtures –

The Process


While I have a broad palette of materials that I work with (aluminum, steel, wood, copper, plastic, glass, and LEDs), plastic, copper and LEDs are my favorite. I tell people that my new favorite colors are copper and clear. The pivotal discovery was that I am able to use almost all of my woodworking tools on cutting and shaping plexiglass type plastics. By simply frosting the surface with sandpaper, you can make it glow instead of pass the light through. The copper I use normally comes from the plumbing trade. When polished it is quite beautiful and then mellows to a pleasant patina as it ages.

LEDs are the backbone of my work. They add a magical quality when used for internal illumination. My favorite LEDs are the ones I “harvest” from circuit boards and Christmas lights. These little jewels will last almost indefinitely when run at the super low voltage they require. ┬áIn this state they don’t need any circuitry or resistors to operate: about as simple as electronics gets these days. In the Eye of God series I use a commercially available bulb that has circuitry to change colors by varying the intensity of each of it’s single red, blue, and green LEDs. Although I am relying on a little higher technology, the effects are so cool that I had to go down that road.