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Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival

Friday, November 10 – Saturday, November 11, 2017


And it began with this email: “Thank you for submitting a proposal for Luminaria 2017, San Antonio’s contemporary arts festival. After evaluation by the Artistic Advisory Committee, we are pleased to confirm interest in your proposal. We deeply appreciate the time you invested in your application and would be honored to include your art. This year was extremely competitive thanks to so many excellent submissions and we had to make difficult decisions.”

Luminaria is a dynamic arts organization charged with producing an annual multi-arts festival. The festival was conceived in partnership with the City of San Antonio to stimulate artistic and economic development. They transform urban spaces and make a powerful impact on the revitalization of San Antonio’s downtown neighborhoods. Since its inception, Luminaria’s curatorial approach has been driven by art experts who represent a diverse San Antonio. Luminaria’s Featured Artists showcase innovative, edgy and ever inspiring art in the form of visual art, music, performance, film, poetry and more. Luminaria is San Antonio’s cultural connector between artists, audiences and the world.

As a Featured Artist, Bill Simons attempts to recreate the days of the circus sideshow in his work for Luminaria 2017. Visitors step through a curtain into a self contained “Art Habitat” where they will be transported into his world of unique illuminated sculptures. Simons has been creating illuminated art for several years, and his work has been featured in several San Antonio galleries. Simons installation will be by the Convention Center near the main stage.